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We help logisitcs companies save 65% on salary costs with our professional offshore teams.

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Commonly Placed Roles

Logistics Operations

  • Track and Trace Rep
  •  Operations Coordinator
  • Dispatcher
  • Carrier Relations/Sales Rep
  • Load Planner

Customer Support

  • Account Manager
  • Customer Service Rep
  • 3rd Shift Rep
  • Claims Specialist
  • Data Entry Rep


  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Billing Specialist
  • Invoice Audit Analyst

About Us

Welcome to Unify Virtual Solutions, a hub for comprehensive virtual support. Our devoted and adept team elevates your operation. From administration to customer support, to lead generation, and more, our virtual assistants epitomize professionalism and excellence across all projects.

Choosing our virtual assistants means partnering with individuals known for their strong work ethic, communication skills, and a commitment to superior results. At Unify Virtual Solutions, we understand the importance of focusing on what matters to your business. Let our virtual assistants handle the workload so you can concentrate on strategic decisions.

Experience smoother operations and better productivity with our virtual assistant services. Let us help you succeed. The core of what we do is to offer win win situations. This is one. Join a partnership that’s all about efficiency and winning culture at Unify Virtual Solutions.

We Recruit And Hire Quality Rep(s)

We Create A Playbook Of The Role

We Co-Manage and Provide Ongoing Support


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